Jakarta, Aktual.com – private circles expect the government to seriously work on the procurement of 35,000 mega watt electricity, and it is not just rhetoric. Because, with the seriousness of the project, especially for Steam Power (power plant), it will have an impact on the increasingly high raw material supply of coal. Which it turn will help boost the commodity price of coal, which is still falling.

As an energy company, said Andi, ABM hoping government policies that prioritize the use of coal through the construction of the power plant can also be realized.

“The reason is, it will help domestic coal industry to survive amid the business pressures that are still happening. For this project will absorb domestic coal production is now facing many obstacles due to the sluggish global market,” he said.

Andi added, optimization of national resources to support the program of 35 thousand MW of electricity needs to be followed by a policy of coal prices more competitive.

Because, with the current pricing scheme, the national coal production will be reduced and may lead to inadequate supply of coal for the needs of 35 thousand MW project.

“With a more competitive price incentives for coal-based power plant sector, is expected to create 35 thousand MW project sustainability and the coal industry,” hoped him.