Wakapolri Komjen Pol. Budi Gunawan, saat mendatangi tempat kejadian bom sarinah, Jakarta, Kamis (14/1). Ledakan disertai baku tembak yang terjadi di lokasi tersebut dilaporkan menewaskan 4 orang.

Jakarta, Aktual.com — President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) is believed to have done accurately calculations by selecting the Deputy head of Police, Komjen Pol Budi Gunawan (BG) as the head of the State Intelligence Agency (BIN).

“The President as Head of State has considered the political calculation,” said the former executive tasks (Plt) KPK, Indriyanto Seno Aji in Jakarta, Sunday (4/9).

According to him, the fit and proper test facing three-star general it will run well. Then escaped replacing Sutiyoso. “The power of political parties giving appreciation for the appointment,” said Professor of the Criminal Law.

Cause BG nomination as the head of BIN must already meet the requirements of substantial political and constitutional.

“BG’s personal manners have high capability and integrity individually and institutionally,” added the man who had been an expert consultant at the National Law Development Agency.


(Andy AbdulHamid)