jakart, Aktual.com – The desire of Indonesia could use the resources of thorium power plant must be addressed with more cautious. Head of the National Nuclear Energy Agency (Batan) Djarot Sulistio Wisnubroto said to create thorium power plant takes a long time.

Because thorium can not be directly used, but must be changed first so uranium is a difficult process. “If in technical term is called the material ‘fertile’ (can not multiplay or divide) must be changed first to be reacted with the neutrons,” he said in Jakarta, Thursday (4/2).

How much time it takes to change so thorium power plant energy source? Djarot’s anwers, if calculated from the development phase of an experiment until to the commercial, it takes up to 40 years!

Due to the length of time that is needed, said Djarot, making the big countries are reluctant to take advantage of any such commercial thorium. “The reason it need long time to convert thorium into uranium, and it is also still need uranium,” he said.

Admittedly, India is advanced enough to do experiments to get the uranium thorium now. Although India also took several decades to get thorium power plant can operate.

Related to the length of the stages that make Indonesia, Djarot suggest that do no be hurry to decide for develop power from thorium. To explain the process, according Djarot it is task of Batan as the organization of research and development (R & D)

Admittedly, there is often a company from outside which is lure as thorium power plant that could be implemented quickly, for example, it only took five years of your company.

“We always say be careful, because if it is implemented and it has failed later, other nuclear programs could be affected,” he said.

However, Djarot also also admitted that so many sides are enthusiasthic to use the power of electric thorium, including a number of ministers in the Cabinet Works.

However reminded again, many steps that need to be done first. For example starting reviewing from make fuel first, and then try thorium using experimental power reactor (RDE).