Makassar, – Because consumption of the illicit drug methamphetamine, a civil servant who served as Secretary of Parliament arrested by police officers Jeneponto, South Sulawesi.

The information, the Secretary of the Regional Representatives Council (DPRD) Jeneponto of South Sulawesi initials HS known to frequently consume illicit drug methamphetamine in his office.

Perpetrators arrested while on duty on the part of the local parliament Trial, Subdistrict Tamalatea Street, Wednesday (16/3) at around 14:50 pm.

“We received information from the public that these actors often use drugs in his office,” said Police Chief Superintendent Jeneponto Ricardo Sumarno, Thursday (17/03).

From the suspects, the police secured the evidence a package of methamphetamine, suction tool, three gas lighters, the mobile phone unit.