Ratusan ribu umat Islam dari berbagai elemen yang tergabung dalam Gerakan Bela Islam melakukan aksi unjuk rasa ke Bareskrim Polri,Gambir, Jakarta Pusat, Jumat (14/10/2016). Dalam aksinya Gerakan Bela Islam mendesak Bareskrim Polri segera menetapkan tersangka kepada Gubernur DKI Jakarta Basuki Tjahja Purnama (Ahok) dalam kasus penistaan Agama.

Jakarta, Aktual.com – Deputy chairman of House of Representatives (DPR RI) Commission VIII Sodik Mudjahid assess the demonstration of thousands of moslem today shown an expression of disappointment at the attitude of Jakarta Governor Basuki Tjahaya Purnama degrading religion and the mufti.

“In Indonesia, the community based on religion and godness culture . So, he said, everyone actually government do not talk and act abusy relegion and blieving,” said Sodik at parliement residence, Jakarta, Friday (14/10).

Therefore, He reminded that the government did not close the space expression of Islamic ummah who is injured by Ahok statement.

“As a democratic country, the government must give space to the peoples show disappointment for leaders who abused they confidence since they do not do anarchist,” said that Gerindra politician.

According Sodik, all peoples must to respect the demonstrations conducted mass organizations of Islam today. Because, he said, the action as a form of the Islamic Ummah respect to applicable rules.

“We must salute the Islamic Ummah that has been hurt but they do not vigilantism but handed over to the law of the Republic of Indonesia,” he said.

However, Sodik added that law enforcement officials should be wise in handling the protests of thousands of Muslims who were hurt. Including, processing public complaints to the Jakarta governor candidate.

“Law enforcement officers to be proactive and responsive to their aspirations and receive a fair deal with cases of Ahok. Immediately apparatus should handle this case, such as dealing with a similar case made by other actors, “he explained.

“If the officer is slow and unfair, the people do not rust the authorities and the law and this is not healthy for the future of the nation,” said Sodik

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