Jakarta, Aktual.com – Member Commission III Sufmi Dasco Ahmad suspect PKI issues as the rise of the private intelligence operation to divert public attention from mega corruption cases such as the case of Sumber Waras and reclamation.

According to him, the perpetrators of intelligence operations are not the BIN or other intelligence agencies, but the political power feel annoyed when the mega corruption cases are investigated.

“The issue of the rise of the PKI (Communist Party Indonesia) is indeed very easy to be a diversion, especially elements that are most active at this time demanding investigation into the mega corruption is the party that has the tradition of dealing head to head with the left,” said Dasco in Jakarta, Tuesday (10/5 ).

In addition to the issue should be wary of the rise of the PKI, he added, people should not be confused with cases of corruption that are a concern.

“We have to be alert to the rise of the KPI, but the greatest danger, however, lies in the eyelid us the persistence of cases of mega corruption even in the era of reform, for example, yes the case RSSW and Reclamation,” said Dasco.

Therefore, he appealed to the nation’s energy is not to run out sucked in by the issues that actually divert cases much larger.
“In the political struggle we need to adjust the focus and priorities, in my opinion if we want a better Indonesia at this time we must focus requires the completion of cases Sumber Waras Hospital and Reclamation,”

“Anyone who is involved, both employers snapper as well as high-ranking officials including the head of the region had to be dragged a green shirt,” said the politician Gerindra.