Jakarta, Aktual.com – Under Threat lay off (PHK) for workers in the country lately crowded reported. Some of the big companies in the industrial sector stated immediately shut down the company, which would result in massive lay offs.

Economists and also Commission Commissioner, Syarkawi Rauf revealed that the government would have to learn from this condition, especially do repair in the sectors of industrial development of the country. According Syarkawi, Indonesia is now in the building industry can not build up the industry by relying on cheap labor.

“Because if we look at the development of our industry from the 70s until now, we used to import completely then we entered the era of import substitution, so we’re trying to build domestic industry that is capable of our own production so that we do not import, well now we are not possible again moving just import substitution alone. But we must build a more advanced industry, and move from industries that rely on cheap labor to rely on full employment skills,” said Rauf Syarkawi, Monday (8/2).

Syarkawi call, based on research conducted by Asean Developmant Bank (ADB), they found that Indonesia was likely to enter the era of the so-called middle income, or a country that was stuck as a middle-income country, can not rise class to become a developed country and it more vulnerable fell into a poor state.

“Why like that because, our labor factor, in side of labor productivity growth sectors, Indonesia is Lowest Of the 10 ASEAN countries,” he said.

In fact, continued Syarkawi, expectations of future national economy will reach significant growth in accordance with the mission of President Jokowi in the plan who want the national economy to grow up to 7 percent in 5 years.

“Now we are in the second year, 2015 grew 4.79 previously grown 4.9 means far below the target. If you want to grow the economy in the future, of course, which should be encouraged one of them is labor productivity, “he said.

According to him, the first thing to do in the future that there should be a comprehensive industrial design from the government. “But the design of comprehensive industry must have been built are basically the principles of competition, as I think if we want to read back medium term development plans nation wide to encourage national competition, the competitiveness of our industry nationally, there is no other way than to push it through the process healthy competition so that is what the government should be encouraged in a policy,” he said.

The second, more Syarkawi, the government must really consistently do some sort of market reforms, market reforms is a agenda in three, namely, doing the regulatory review, reviewing all the regulations that all this time is become the obstacles, then the second, to reform the structure of the market,
“Almost all of our industrial commodities in terms of number of players is very small, highly concentrated, this is what makes it conspiracy or cartel in any commodity industry,” he said.

The third needs to be done by the government is a change in behavior as submitted by Jokowi is a mental revolution. “If changes in behavior through a mental revolution that can not walk, must pass law enforcement indiscriminately. This should be done if it is serious about building industry,” he said.