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Jakarta, – Finance Minister Bambang Brodjonegoro said it has prepared a revised Law on General Provisions and Tax Procedures (CTP) in order to encourage reform of the national tax system.

“The revised Law on CTP is ready, just waiting for the presidential mandate. our commitment to total reform of taxation, “he said during a meeting with Commission XI of the House of Representatives in Jakarta on Tuesday (12/4).

Bambang said that the revision of the law will be bundled with the filing of Forgiveness Tax bill, the revised Law on Income Tax (VAT), and the revision of the Law on Value Added Tax (VAT) Goods and Services and Sales Tax on Luxury Goods, to address tax issues.

“This year there are four bill, ‘tax amnesty’, CTP, income tax and VAT. It is a package that could help clear up the problem of tax. Certainly related to the time, it becomes the decision of Commission XI,” he said.

According to him, the revised draft CTP can synergize with Forgiveness Tax bill, in order to fund the repatriation of Indonesian citizens returning from abroad could benefit fully to national development.

“To guaranted the repatriation does not back out of the country, there should be improvement of regulation, including the revision of the Income Tax Act, VAT Act and the Banking Act may also be related to the opening of customer data for tax purposes,” he said.

Earlier, a member of Commission XI of the House of Representatives Ecky Awal Mucharam asked the government to give priority to the revision of the Act General Provosions and Tax than Taxes Amnesty filed a bill that is only beneficial in the short term.

“The government wants the tax system is good and just. Some factions also reminded the importance of improving the tax structure. Thus, the fundamental changes that could be done by amending the Law on CTP, “he said.

According to him, the revision of the law can actually support the policy of exchange of tax information with other countries in 2018, which in the long run can give tax receipts higher than its potential.

“We support the reform of taxation, so that the government be patient with the exchange of data in 2018, this could provide a greater potential than just ransom ‘tax amnesty’,” said MCC politicians.

Actually, the government has included the revision of Act CTP on National Legislation Program (Prolegnas) in 2015, but was delayed because the government has been prioritizing the discussion draft Tax Forgiveness.

Revision of the Act is required to regulate the relevant provisions of the system of “self-assessment”, the affirmation of tax crime versus corruption, an affirmation of the legal basis for the formal provisions related to taxation and affirmation of the rule of law to the laws on others who are also dealing with the taxation.