Menteri Ketenagakerjaan Muhammad Hanif Dhakiri, bersama Sekjen Kemnaker Abdul Wahab Bangkona, memimpin rapat pimpinan di Kantor Kementerian Ketenagakerjaan di Jakarta, Rabu (1/6/2016). Rapat membahas tindak lanjut hasil lawatan Menteri ke Timur Tengah, Arab Saudi, Qatar dan Uni Emirat Arab.

Jakarta, – Minister of Manpower and Transmigration( Menaker) Hanif Dhakiri promised there will be no foreign labor for unskilled laborers. Foreign workers could enter but it will be appropriate professional workforce.

Not long ago, many foreign workers who flooded the existing projects in Indonesia. One of the most coming from China.

“From the scheme existing laws and regulations is clear enough. There should be the protection of the local workforce so that foreign labor for unskilled laborers part certainly will be banned,” he said, in Jakarta, yesterday, was written on Friday (16/9).

Menaker sure, things like that will not happen again, because the rule was already prohibited it. “In the future (the flood of foreign workers) will not happen again. So unskilled laborers, such as that of China it is certain to be banned, “he promises.

According to him, foreign workers are still allowed to work in the country, but for certain positions and must meet certain requirements as well.

“They must have a work permit, the permit should live, should have restrictions for certain levels of education, competence, and not all positions can be occupied. It must be remembered, “said Hanif.

In fact, he promises, the government will always protect the domestic labor.

“Because in the scheme of the Act and regulations was sufficiently clear (protection of local labor),” he stated.

So that said Menaker, the government should continue to encourage domestic labor supply has a high capability sufficient number and of course they are certified.

“But there is a labor market that continues to grow. Climate so that businesses and workers should be able to continue to rise, “he said.

During this time there is still homework in the employment sector is not yet complete. On the one hand, for the business world is still considered a burden, as a severance scheme, about layoffs, and more. But on the other hand, world trade is also still considered the protection scheme is still not optimal.

“So we have to meet to draw up a concept that could benefit both parties. Because the government wants to encourage our labor market more active, “said Menaker.

Not long ago, Banten Police secured the 70 illegal foreign workers from China. Reportedly, they will be employed by PT Indonesia River engineering working on the cement plant construction project, in Ampel Pulo subdistrict, Serang district, Banten.

Even rumors, unskilled laborers were paid Rp15 million per month, while local workers are paid around Rp 2 million per month.(Musdi Anto)

(Andy AbdulHamid)