Palembang, – Four units of houses in busy populated areas at KH Azhari Lorong Keluarga, Ulu Palembang village on fire. Four semi-permanent houses burned that belonged to Nur Aini 54 years old, Agus 40 years old, Idrus 39 years old and Aminah 60 years old .

While two other houses belonging to Ibrahim and Nurmah only partially burned. The fire started from the LPG gas cylinder exploded in a empty house owned Nur Aini.

House is suspected to be a premium oil retail sales, so the fire spread quickly to other houses. Distance homes are close together, making the fire spread to a house located in the vicinity.

There are at least seven cars Fire Hazard Mitigation Department Palembang city arrived at the place, and immediately struggled to extinguish the fire that has been enlarged. Intermittent an hour later, the officer can extinguish the fire so that the fire does not continue to grow.

“Before the fire had heard the sound of an large explosion. I only save a letter home, the other items burned,” said Maimunah, Aminah on Monday (10/10).

Meanwhile, Nur Aini children, Muhammad Dody 38 years old, said when the fire occurred is nobody was in the house. “When the fire, I was pulling a rickshaw, then people give me information if my parents house burned.”

Meanwhile, the Seberang Ulu II police chief Kompol Mulyono accompanied vice chief of police AKP Yulia Farida explained, from the results of the investigation and Case Genesis known fire originated from a gas stove exploded.

“There are at least four houses were burned and still not be interpreted, estimated losses of hundreds of millions rupiah and the incident were no fatalities,” he said.


(Arbie Marwan)