Tri Rismaharini (doc aktual)

Surabaya, – Until today Surabaya Mayor Tri Rismaharini from PDIP cadres also not expressed interest to governor election of Jakarta. Despite coming to Jakarta on Wednesday (10/8) yesterday, but she admitted she had not meet chairman of PDIP, Megawati Sukarnoputri.

“Overnight indeed to Jakarta. But I do not see Bu Mega. Yes, meet someone,” he said during a visit at the landfill Benowo, Surabaya, (11/8).

She said that, let time run. For, if it be the will, then the moment could arrive.

“Yes wait for the development. Wait time, if called upon so called. But I am not the woman that can calling,” joked Risma.

Chairman of East Java DPD PDIP, Kusnadi, confirmed that there were no orders or the decision to appoint Risma advance into the city. In her mind, there is a concern to bring Risma to Jakarta because the risks are great.

“If Risma lost in Jakarta, then Risma can not again become mayor again in Surabaya. If it is so, PDIP could be the butt of Surabaya citizens,” said Kusnadi.

Therefore, he continued, to bring Risma to Jakarta is to be calculated carefully. Risks left Surabaya at risk heavy and bulky.

“If you lose, it is becoming a huge risk. Very big,” he concluded.