Ratusan buruh dari berbagai elemen yang tergabung dalam Koalisi Buruh Tolak Ahok For DKI melakukan aksi didepan Balai Kota, Jakarta, Kamis (14/4/2016). Dalam aksinya para buruh Koalisi Buruh Tolak Ahok For DKI menolak majunya Gubernur DKI Jakarta Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (Ahok),menolak segala bentuk penggusuran dan menolak Reklamasi Teluk Jakarta.

Jakarta, Aktual.com – Chairman of the Board of Confederation of Indonesian Trade Unions (KSPI), Winarso, said the condition of the worker sector in Jakarta is still bleak for many labor regulations are not enforced. This condition is contrary to the promises of Jokowi-Ahok when running for Governor and Vice Governor of Jakarta in 2012.

“Formaly Jokowi-Ahok campaign to wear plaid, all of workers have invited all, but when they get elected we even left,” he told reporters on Friday (15/4).

The promises continue to Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama when newly inaugurated replace Jokowi. Promised how Minimal Wages Province (UMP) Jakarta Rp 4 million, but to reach just over 3 million workers had to remind through the action down the road.

Winarso exemplified how the supervision about occupational health and safety (K3) in Jakarta is not implemented, when arranged in such a way in the Act and the regulations. Also the fact that many companies in the city are still paying wages below the minimum wage.

That is, labor inspectors and the city government allegedly played so ignore the safety of the workers. Ahok prefers to hold the owners of capital and large companies compared to holding small people.

“It’s all we have to convey to the Governor Ahok, but no concrete steps, ultimately we are forced to fight again in the streets,” he said.

“Now we will build support for rejecting Ahok not pro-people, we will support any candidate for governor as long as she cares of the people and the workers,” continued Winarso.