Jakarta, Aktual.com – Deputy Prevention of KPK Pahala Nainggolan explained, the initial buy-sell it occurs when investors licensee does not agree with PLN related price of electricity generated. As a result, power development projects were abandoned.

“The local government issued permission wake micro-hydro. A license held by investors, and project do not done. The price of electricity can not be accepted PLN, price is so hight,” said Pahala, as confirmed Aktual.com, Wednesday (25/5).

He admittedly permits that have been issued by the local government can not be updated. When then there are investors who are willing to sell electricity in accordance with the proposed of PLN price, the investor can not obtain a new permit from the local government.

“When there is a serious investor want to get up, permission had been issued can not, because the same location. So we have to buy an existing license,” he explained.

This is the one that must be remedied. Pahala also regretted the decision that local government should be able to browse the part of investors. Regarding who the investors were already trying to be asked, however Pahala reluctant to reveal it.

“Now this is alarming. Micro hydro is not add, which hold licenses instead trade the letter, because the permit is not no expiration as well. Issued by district. Yes investor is the entrepreneur. The local government also does not closeout clearance although there is no realization,” he concluded.