Jakarta, Aktual.com – Jokowi’s the defense and protection of women and children only mirage, especially on the issue both exploited or utilized only for the sake of political popularity.

Like the issuance of Presidential Decree (decree) castrated and Sexual Violence Bill was limited theatrical compression to increase the momentum of political sympathizers, but concrete action on the defense of women and children, are not reflected in the state budget 2016 budget items that are intended for both.

“If the President Jokowi seriously defend women and children, more concrete and important to provide adequate budgetary allocations to the prevention of violence to them,” said Director of the Center for Budget Analysis (CBA), Uchok Sky Gaddafi, Wednesday (8/6).

Further Ucok argued; when viewed from the existing budget allocations within ministries or state institutions, President Jokowi is very stingy and impartiality in the handling and refuge for sexual violence.

For the ministry of women empowerment and child protection, budgeted only Rp 769.3 billion, of that amount should be reduced by Rp.36.7 billion for salaries.

While the budget allocation for women’s human rights commission is only Rp 334.4 million on prevention programs and addressing all forms of violence against women and the fulfillment of the rights of victims.

Later in the Ministry of Social Affairs, the funds available just around Rp60.3 billion for social protection of victims of violence and migrant work.

Of the above total budget allocation for the prevention and management of sexual violence is only Rp 823 billion. The budget allocation is considered very worrying by the CBA.

“For budget allocation for the protection and comfort of women, government is so miserly, but if you create a new agency is formed and works is not clear, such as the Agency for creative economy, government Jokowi to generously given a budget of Rp1.1 trillion,” said Ucok.