Jakarta, Aktual.com – Chairman of the PDIP People’s Consultative Assembly (MPR) Basarah Ahmad said that Indonesia is a country that is very open, allowing a number of ideologies that conflict with the 1945 Constitution and Pancasila entered and began to destroy.

“Indicated the entry of transnational ideology that moves. Namely, the ideology that emphasizes individualism, capitalism, and their modus to make this nation adopts neoliberalism. Second, the growth of religious radicalism, international radicalism that wants to turn this country into a country with one of the basis of religion,” said Basarah in a statement, in Jakarta, Tuesday (23/2).

Moreover, continued the Chairman of the Constitutional Committee socialization, from the two ideologies that marked the emergence of the phenomenon of LGBT.

“If people are not given a correct understanding, so it would be very dangerous,” said Basarah again.
Basarah explained, socialization Agency will respond to something that impacts on society.

“Certainly every growing phenomenon should not be contrary to Pancasila. LGBT contrary to Pancasila,” he said.