As an anti-microbial, Silver-Ion from Nippon Paint works by (1) penetrating into the viruses or bacteria (2) inhibiting reproduction and metabolism (3) destroying the microorganisms. Silver-Ion is stable and therefore it remains effective as long as the integrity of the paint film is maintained and in good condition.

“Nippon Paint has always tried to push beyond the limits in the coating industry, developing sustainable products backed up with constant technological innovation. The coronavirus outbreak has prompted us once again to be highly innovative,” Ramdhan added.

When the Covid-19 outbreak was first reported, Nippon Paint donated anti-microbial paint to Hubei Hospital in China (March 2020), several hospitals in Thailand (October 2020), Sungai Buloh Hospital in Malaysia (November 2020), and COVID-19 wards at Tzu Chi Hospital Jakarta (March 2021).

(Zaenal Arifin)