Jakarta, Aktual.com – Coordinator of the Association of Political Economy (AEPI), Salamuddin Daeng pointed debate development schemes of Masela Block, Maluku showed there is interest capitalist behind.

According to him, in case of Masela block there that brings the interests of capitalist, so it will always minimize expenses for the Indonesian national development and local interests.

“So they will give space in order to maximize the looting of gas reserves in the Masela block,” said Salamuddin to Aktual.com, Thursday (3/3).

As is known polemic Masela block occurs between Minister Sudirman Said who insist on developing offshore schemes or in the sea with the Coordinating Minister for maritime and Resources, Rizal Ramli, who developed through onshore or landline.

“In this block no attention to the development of infrastructure, local content, labor, environmental liability, taxes, levies, and other multiplier effect of an investment,” he said.

Moreover, if the project is pushed into the sea would further minimize the benefits for local people. “This further confirms that this government of the capitalist, the barons and to capitalist,” pointing Daeng.

Furthermore, he asserted, there is one thing that has always violated and ignored this rule for the sake of money that is about environment impact assessment (EIA).

“I suspect this debate (Masela block) is not based on good feasibility study documents the economic, environmental and social right as other mega projects,” he said.

So for him, the government Joko Widodo (Jokowi) is a government that is ignorant or careless to the problems of environmental and socio-economic impacts.

In fact, he said, if all the projects starts with a review that is true, then there should be no debate that is based on the interests of such persons.

“Pak Jokowi was a scholar forestry, should he an expert in environmental issues and social,” he stated.

Therefore, he saw, Jokowi’s cabinet is a cabinet whose content is not lackey of president, but the capitalist’s dolls.