Jakarta, Aktual.com – West Jakarta Metro Police destroy some of the evidence seized drugs worth Rp 3.5 billion. Evidence disclosure of the results of the five cases during the month of February 2016 it was destroyed in the side yard West Jakarta Police.

“Of the five cases was secured five suspects namely, AF, AM, HH, SB, and SY. There was arrested in Cengkareng, Tambora and Palmerah, “said West Jakarta Metro Police Chief Pol Rudy Heryanto Adinugroho, in Jakarta, Thursday (3/3).

He said, the disclosure of the case is a marker that West Jakarta Metro Police will continue to fight against drug trafficking. He also claims it will continue to do a raid in a number of areas which allegedly so ‘drugs village’ in West Jakarta. “For the movement of drug dealers is getting narrower,” he said.

West Jakarta Metro Police of Narcotics, Chief Afrizal explained of a case that revealed there were two cases of drugs that entered the spotlight it. Namely the arrest of two people in Cengkareng city and village raids Boncos some time ago.

“We managed to secure 3,400 ecstasy pills, syringes 1000, and 1.4 kilograms of marijuana from two cases that we find”, Afrizal said.

The evidence is destroyed as 1.5 kilograms of methamphetamine, 3,400 ecstasy pills and 3.2 kilograms of marijuana. Evidence is destroyed by, burned, in blender until mixed chemicals.

Meanwhile, the perpetrator was under sentence of five years in prison because have violated 112, 114 Law No. 35 on narcotics.