Yogyakarta, Aktual.com – State always being crippled in the face of the assets seizure case between developer and residents. Namely by do not giving the defense or the protection of citizens as a vulnerable group.

Revenue was delivered environmental expert, Dr. Eko Teguh Paripurno during the discussion after the documentary film about the case of Jakarta Bay reclamation, ‘Flirt False Island’, in Yogyakarta, last weekend.

“It becomes a problem,” said winning the title of Doctor of the University of Padjadjaran Bandung.

For the case of reclamation of Jakarta Bay, he said, could be seen as depicted in the film, the government did not undertake the role of fishermen as protection against marginalized groups. “Not seen the state’s responsibility to give compensation to the fishermen of Muara Angke,” he said.

He continued, misguided or mistake to think of the state apparatus in the struggle for resource assets in the long run turns out be a typical performed repeatedly.

“There is a parallel error starting level subordinates to superiors,” said the man who had received an award for disaster management of the United Nations.

Meanwhile, Bambang Muryanto of Ethics Council Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI) Yogyakarta further highlights problems that do not equal of the reports in the media regarding the case of Jakarta Bay reclamation.

He said, reporting on the reclamation of the mass media is very lame. Because according to him the national mainstream media portion of a lot more to give to the government version. “The fact of everyday conditions fishing communities should also be important to be lifted,” he said.