Jakarta, Aktual.com – Member of Commission VII the House of Representatives (DPR), Inas Nasrullah Zubir insisted he consistent to escort scandal of adulterated oil imports trader Glencore to Pertamina.

Since the beginning, he has pushed the case to the public and he wants the occurrence of transparency in the procurement of oil company PT Pertamina (Persero).

But this time, he added, the public should be patient and give time for Pertamina to calculate the amount of loss suffered on efforts to overcome the failure of the transaction.

“Now the position is providing an opportunity for Pertamina to calculate. Because, from the outside, there is no loss because the oil had not been paid. But the losses suffered by Pertamina, the operational aspects and logistics costs in the country because they take crude from other refineries, now it is being counted and we waiting,” said Inas to Aktual.com, in Jakarta, Thursday (6/10).

Then,he added the results of these evaluations submitted as a claim for compensation to Glencore. On sanctions, he supports the statement of president director Pertamina Dwi Sutjipto who want to drop the witness expressly to those found guilty of the results of the evaluation.

“Later act, Pertamina should claim how the losses, should be replaced. Evaluation of ISC, we leave for the affairs of the corporation, but we have asked for improvement,” he said.

Previous Director of PT Pertamina, Dwi Sutjipto reacted strongly and want to impose sanctions on rogue elements were found guilty later.

“Regarding fault supply yesterday, follow-up, if there is one fault, it will be penalized,” said Dwi.


(Arbie Marwan)