Jakarta, Aktual.com – Secretary General PPP Romahurmuziy parts, Arsul Sani Sani said that according to the Kemenkumham decision, They were entitled to carry the prospective head region. Although, PPP stronghold Faridz Djan claimed that they was legitimate and has been supporting the pair Ahok-Djarot.

Arsul asserted it will not change the attitude of the party to carry the Agus-Sylvi couples as candidates for governor and vice governor in the elections of Jakarta in 2017.

“PPP Support to Agus-Sylvi is done, there is no problem. PPP must not back down or change another. That can not be,” said Arsul in the Parliament complex, Senayan, Jakarta, Tuesday (11/10).

In fact, continued Arsul, support for the pair Agus-Sylvi has been approved by the Chief Syariah PPP, KH. Muhammad Noor Iskandar.

When it comes to legal no Ahok PPP support. Socially as well. Wong called Kyai Noor Djan Faridz thank Agus-Sylvi. That there is support Djan, Dimyati, Humphrey to Ahok and Djarot. That baseball is a private party,” said Arsul.

Earlier, during a press conference, statements of support to the PPP stronghold Faridz Ahok Djan, Chairman of the PPP result Jakarta Congress claimed that the Chairman of the Islamic Assembly to allow the party bearing the Ka’bah in support of candidates of regional heads of non-Muslims.

“Great. Yes, the Chief Executive of the Islamic Assembly, I’ve seen, KH. Muhammad Nur Iskandar. He has stated (allowed),” said Djan Faridz in the Office of the DPP PPP, Diponegoro Street, Jakarta, Friday (7/10).