Jakarta, Aktual.com – Coordinating Ministry for Maritime and Resources has submitted an official letter written to Jakarta Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama regarding termination of reclamation in the North Coast Jakarta.

From documents obtained Aktual.com, known letter delivered Ministry Maritime and Resources to Ahok on Thursday, April 19, 2016. Namely, a day after agreement termination reclamation or moratorium in coordination meetings between the Central Government and the Government of DKI Jakarta (Wednesday, 18 / 4).

Letter numbered 27.I / Menko / Maritime / IV / 2016 was signed by the Coordinating Minister for Maritime and Resources Rizal Ramli with a copy of the Minister of Environment and Forests, Fisheries Minister, Minister of Interior, Minister of Transportation, Minister of Justice and Human Rights and the Cabinet Secretary ,

Here are the contents of the letter in question:

Governor of DKI

Follow up Coordination Meeting of the Minister of Reclamation North Coast Jakarta on Monday, April 18, 2016, in the Office of the Ministry for Maritime and Resources, here with presented the recommendations of the meeting as follows:

1. Reclamation is one of the selection process for the development of the area of ​​Jakarta,

2. Seeing the benefits and risks that will happen, an in-depth study which is mainly related:
a. Sustainability of life and livelihood,
b. The balance between the interests of the utilization and conservation interests of the environment through the Environmental Impact Assessment

3. It is necessary to note the Act and Regulations:
a. Law No. 27 2007 yo Law No. 1 2014
b. Law No. 26 of 2006
c. Presidential Decree No. 122 In 2012

4. There shall be established a Joint Committee consisting of representatives of the Ministry for Maritime and Resources, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, the Secretariat of the Cabinet and the Provincial Government of DKI to align as soon as fast all overlapping rules, carry out an audit on the implementation process of development and established measures to handle

5. Ordered to pause (moratorium) Jakarta Bay Reclamation Project development until all the requirements of the Act and regulations are met.

Conveyed, for attention and approval Civil Governor of Jakarta, we say thank you.