Proyeksi Terburuk Defisit Anggaran (Aktual/Ilst.Nelson)

Jakarta, – Head of the International Economic Analysis and Investor Relations Fiscal Policy Office (BKF) Dalyono Finance Ministry said the government has prepared a scenario realization to cover the deficit State Budget Amendment (APBN-P), 2016.

“Such scenarios include the utilization of a tax amnesty funds, the natural absorption and budget cuts,” said Dalyono in Jakarta, Monday (25/7).

Dalyono said natural absorption is the preferred scenario for the number could exceed the ability to use the tax amnesty funds to cover the deficit.

Every year the government does not accept the budget 100 percent due to the efficiency. For example, the government offers to investors ‘bidding’ with a value of 100 billion project, of course, the government will take the bidder with the most efficient value whose value is less than Rp100 billion.

“In every expenditure there is a ‘saving’ of the results of management more effective,” he said.

The government is targeting revenues of Rp165 trillion from tax amnesty. Dalyono can not predict the funds amnesty that can be absorbed in 2016 pending the release of the monthly report of the Directorate General of Taxation (DGT) to determine the average gain in a month.

The last scenario is done when the fund amnesty and natural absorption has not been able to close the deficit is the budget cuts.

Dalyono called the budget cuts made to posts that are less productive, eg business travel, meetings, and building construction.

“Even if there is an austerity budget, certainly not in productive sectors, such as infrastructure that are ‘long-term’,” he said.