Jakarta, Aktual.com-Office of the Airports Authority of Region IV Minitry of Transportation find efforts document forgery of flight approval by PT Airfast Indonesia with aircraft of type MD-82 registration PK-OCU Denpasar Bali to Ujung Pandang, South Sulawesi.

Based on copies of documents IV Regional Airport Authority Office No. AU.010 / 175/1 / Otbwil.IV / 2016 dated January 26, obtained Aktual.com, falsification of documents is known following information from the AIS officer Perum LPPNPI Denpasar Branch Office, Hadi Permana, at 0:37 pm, on the same day the document was published.

Therefore, undertaken to prevent the falsification of documents when officers of ground handling PT JAS Airport Service Station Denpasar submit flight plan use approval to fly with license number 00507 / AUNTBDN / DAU / 1601/2016 dated January 16 January, at 17:25.

“Upon further inspection by the Inspector of the Air Transport Authority Office Region IV of Airport discovered Flight Approval number is not listed in the Application Angud Online (aol.dephub.go.id/angudonline),” according to excerpts of documents addressed to the Directorate General of Air, written on Wednesday (3/2).

Unknown, MoT report Airfast to the Criminal Investigation Police Headquarters, yesterday (2/2) morning, with the alleged forgery flight permission.

“Yes, just now We wear Transportation Director General of Air for reported it to the Criminal Investigation,” said Head of Communications Ministry, JA Barata.

The report is accompanied by some evidence. However, Barata reluctant to disclose it. He wasnot also to explain how the crime of forgery was discovered.

“later, let waiting for the results of the police investigation,” he said.