Jakarta, Aktual.com – Recently, Case for Wayan Mirna Salihin’s after drink coffee which is fond include cyanide become hot issues. In this case name of Jessica Kumala Wongso almost be target of news because always related with mirna’s death.

Not just be target, statements from women which graduated from Billy Blue Collage grafic of design Sidney always show the big questions.Although if related with case of Mirna. Her statements are often denied.

The following statement of Jessica were denied by dharmawan, Mirna’s Father:

First, when Jessica refused if she was accused as actor from Mirna’s death. Dharmawan said, the fact was Jessica who ordered the coffee for Mirna.

Second, when Jessica claimed know for long time with Mirna’s family, include with Mirna’s mother and the twins sister of Mirna. But said by Darmawan, Mirna;s father. Even he wa just first time meet with Jesisica when mirna was arrived in Hospital.

Third, Jessica claimed just order mineral water in Oliver Caffe because have deasease with her stomach. Darmawan denied, that Jessica bought Cocktail coffee that there is alcohol inside.

When the event 6 January 2016 ago, untill when this time twenty four days after Mirna’s death, Police was not determined yet who the main actor.