Sukabumi, – Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI) Sukabumi, West Java call Sukabumi district has entered the emergency status of sexual violence against children, due to so many cases of abuse.

“Early years commencing from January to February there have been two cases of sexual abuse of a child whose case is striking,” said Chairman of KPAI Sukabumi, Dian Yulianto in Sukabumi, Monday (22/2).

Sexual violence occurred in the Parungkuda district, and there are 15 elementary school children that all men abused by honorary teacher. Then the latest case of the sexual abuse to 16 girls who all in one primary school in Cisaat were also abused by teachers themselves.

According to him, the number of such cases has been worth Sukabumi to be emergency status on sexual abuse of children, and this case is very alarming of all parties for the current events and learning activities (KBM) which should teachers be protective, examples and guidance as to the students.

In fact, the school should be a safe place second after the family, but with the two cases are very tarnished education in Sukabumi. For these two cases is done by the same person the status of teachers, although one is still honorary and the other alleged perpetrators was civil servant status.

“To face with this emergency, teachers need to socialize on the protection of vital equipment, so that the child dared to resist or deny if the sensitive organ is held or touched by anyone else.”

On the other hand, it was disappointed with the decision of the police officers Cisaat who fired teacher initials AP who was sports teacher at one primary school in Cisaat being alleged perpetrator of sexual abuse of 16 students.

In fact, the reason the police opened unexpectedly because the evidence is not strong when in the presence of law enforcement officers to the report should give a firm response, due to post mortem sexual abuse cases are difficult to prove such palpable.

Just because the post mortem showed no violence and the perpetrator does not confess then unexpectedly released for granted.

“It should be a description of children who are victims can be strong evidence, let alone who report cases of sexual abuse that are minors and there are more than one person has been confirmed valid statement,” said Dian.