Jakarta, Aktual.com – If in Senayan Jakarta there are even ‘Islamic Book Fair 2016’ is much visited by lovers of Islamic books, then in Blok M festival ‘Durian Fair 2016’ in which the event is no less crowded with Senayan. Because for lovers of durian (Fruit) is very unfortunate if miss a moment of it for granted.

The event is organized by PT. Poster Copyright Governmental this is an event series on ‘Urban Green Festival’ held from February 27 to March 6, 2016. Because the event held at the Diamond Terrace Blom M Square, South Jakarta Kebayoran it presents dozens of local durian is ready to shake up the tongue of the fruit lovers durian.

Based on the observation Aktual.com location, enthusiastic people especially durian lovers are still coming fills this place.

“I’m from Tambun, Bekasi, come here for taste of durian. It turned out to fit me up here I confused, because so many durian,” said Mahmud (28), to Aktual.com, Kebayoran, Jakarta, recently.

Not only that, it turns out this Festival was deliberately done to introduce to the public, if that durian disparate types.

“I was just so surprised, because I knew that he turns like montong durian, actually many kind of Durian here. And all is almost here, if it is like paradise for the enthusiast durian like me,” he said, while choosing durian.