Jakarta, Aktual.com-Speaker of vice the House of representatives Fahri Hamzah said he was surprised by the SOE Minister Rini Soemarno, which impressed not affected by any criticism of his policies is considered detrimental to the people.

“I have their own definition about SOE. SOE Minister should be a mediator for the welfare of the people, not business. State Enterprises Minister was wrong the way he thought. I just do not know maybe he has a special relationship with the president so she cant impervious criticized, “said Fahri, in Jakarta, Tuesday (2/2).

He urged the government to delay the construction of a fast train projects Jakarta-Bandung. In addition to the lack of permission from the Ministry of Transportation, the project also received a lot of resistance from various parties for transportation Jakarta-Bandung can be accessed via the motorway.

“If it is not steady, yet serious, first-resistant construction. All that was groundbreaking. If you want to build the infrastructure may be, but I hope not controversial, “he said.

Politicians Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) is worried that the project will actually not be beneficial for the government.

“Jakarta-Bandung their lands with the most targeted people because this land is very good. If later on the way-out loss yes we are, “he concluded.