Hujan Banjir bandung
Hujan Banjir bandung

Jakarta, – Heavy rain which flushed the area of ​​Bandung, Tuesday (7/6) evening to Wednesday (8/6) morning making some areas of the city of Bandung and Bandung regency. Peswahan stagnant of water, settlements and even cut off road access.

One area that is submerged Cimincrang and Bumi Panyileukan, District Panyileukan Bandung. The water overflow caused by the overflow of the river Cisalatri and Cilameta and broke one of embankment.

The average height of the water between 20 and 90 cm. Until 12.00 pm, the water still flooded several roads both regions.

“There are elevenneighborhood Association (RW) affected by flooding. Based on the calculations, less than eleven RW, there are six hundred homes were submerged. Different water heights, the most severe in RW 08,09,10, and 11,” said Head Panyileukan, Uum Sumiati.

The data collected, puddles ensued in District Ujungberung, District Arcamanik, and other areas that the water level ranges from under 1 meter.

While in Bandung regency, the area is the District Dayeuhkolot submerged, and some other areas that have been subscribed submerged when the rain arrived.