Buruh Jakarta Tuntut Upah 2017 Naik Rp3,8 Juta. (ilustrasi/aktual.com)
Buruh Jakarta Tuntut Upah 2017 Naik Rp3,8 Juta. (ilustrasi/aktual.com)

Jakarta, Aktual.com – Workers in Jakarta ask Jakarta Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama set the provincial minimum wage 2017 in accordance with the results of the survey needs for the decent living (KLH) in September 2016 that is 3.8 million per month.

President of the Association of Indonesian Trade Unions Mirah Sumirat said, based on the results of a survey done in seven traditional markets and two modern markets Capital in September 2016, the value of KHL Jakarta in 2016 amounted Rp3.491.607.

If the value of the KHL in 2016 included taking into account the 2017 inflation target of four percent (Permenkeu No. 93 / PMK.011 / 2014), DKI Jakarta 2.40 percent inflation, the national inflation rate 3.07 percent, 5.74 percent economic growth in the city, and 5.04 percent of national economic growth, the 2017 Jakarta UMP Rp3.831.690 be minimal.

Jakarta Labour also urged the Jakarta administration to implement the provisions set out in Law No. 13 Year 2003, particularly Article 88 paragraph 4 which stated that the Government set the minimum wage based on the KHL and with due regard to productivity and economic growth.

According to Mirah, that insistence also once asked the local government to ignore the Government Regulation No. 78 of 2015, due to higher provisions in the law compared with the PP (President instruction), so that when the PP and the Law, then all parties back to the provisions of the law.

“If the central and regional governments still decided UMP in 2017 under Regulation 78 in 2015, then surely the government is constitutional disobedience,” Mirah said in a written statement received here on Monday (24/10).