Jakarta, aktual.com – The COVID-19 vaccination has been ongoing since January 13, 2021, as an effort to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection and death. The Health Ministry’s website, kemenkes.go.id, informed that the program would run for 15 months, starting from January 2021 to March 2022 with the aim of inoculating 181.5 million people across 34 provinces.

As the distribution of vaccines needs time therefore, Indonesian urged to follow health protocols (wearing masks, washing hands, keeping a distance, avoiding crowds, and reducing mobility). In addition, preventive measures against viruses that could survive for two hours to nine days on surfaces like walls are also needed, such as VirusGuard from Nippon Paint, Indonesia’s first antiviral paint with Silver-Ion technology and certified by Analytical Lab Group (the industry-leading specialty contract lab, comprising FDA- and EPA-focused laboratories in the United States).

“The development of Silver-Ion technology for Nippon Paint’s antimicrobial paint is our effort of helping in curbing COVID-19 transmission,” Linda Kam (Marketing Manager of Nippon Paint Indonesia) said in a press conference in Jakarta on Tuesday (3/16/2021).

Linda explained that Nippon Paint’s Silver-Ion Technology is specialized antiviral and antibacterial formula that acts in stages, first by penetrating the virus or bacteria, stopping their reproduction, and disabling metabolism before destroying the microorganism. Silver-Ion’s antimicrobial property from Nippon Paint can last over a long period, making it an effective weapon against pathogens.

Meanwhile, the Director of Tzu Chi Hospital, dr. Gunawan Susanto, Sp. BS thanked Nippon Paint Indonesia for their support to the hospital’s COVID-19 treatment ward that needs coatings with the extra health protection.

“The painting of the COVID-19 treatment ward at the Tzu Chi Hospital used 2900 liters of paint for total area of 8300 square meter. Nippon Paint hopes this antiviral coatings can help frontline health workers by offering an additional layer of protection against the coronavirus,” said Linda.

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