Menteri Kelautan dan Perikanan Susi Pudjiastuti meninjau lokasi wisata hiu paus (whale shark) di Desa Botubarani, Kabupaten Bone Bolango, Gorontalo, Sabtu (14/5). Ikan hiu paus (Rhincodon typus) ditetapkan sebagai salah satu jenis ikan yang dilindungi di Indonesia melalui Keputusan Menteri Kelautan dan Perikanan RI No.18 Tahun 2013 tentang Penetapan Status Perlindungan Penuh Ikan Hiu Paus. ANTARA FOTO/Adiwinata Solihin/aww/16.

Jakarta, – Commission IV of the House of Representatives deplored the policy of the Ministry of Marine and Fisheries (MMAF), which opened an import permit fish raw material.

Vice Chairman of Commission IV of the House of Representatives, Daniel Johan catapult allusion to the Minister MMAF Pudjiastusi Susi’s discretion.

“Terrific, already show as ‘the most outstanding minister’, must be decoration. National potential was destroyed and gave the red carpet to foreign control of the supply,” said Legislator from West Kalimantan was in Jakarta, Thursday (9/6).

“This is concrete evidence of the destruction of the national fisheries, domestic production and exports dropped and imports of sea fish commonly owned Indonesia soared,” he added.

Daniel understand if the government imported salmon because Indonesia is not a major producer of these fishes. However, the question is precisely the government imported the availability of tuna, tuna, skipjack, for the purposes of the canning industry. In fact, Indonesia is the producer of these fishes.

“Really Shame and ironic,” said the PKB politician.

Daniel guessed, this problem is a result of the policy of the Minister Susi Pudjiastuti who perform temporary suspension (moratorium) permission to fishing in the fishery management area of ​​the Republic of Indonesia. Because, due to the moratorium that many fishermen are unemployed.

“Asset thousands of ships belonging to the national indigenous one hundred percent made unemployed, are not allowed to knowingly permit their fishing operations and detained for up to nine months,” he said.

Pertaining to Eligible Minister Susi replaced because their performance, so Daniel gave ‘criticism’ to the President Jokowi.

“If you want more broke, of course stay maintain,” he said sarcastically.