Jakarta, Aktual.com — Foreign Minister of Democratic Republic of East Timor, Agio Perreira said that the political situation in their republic now is very stable and normal after the death of separatist leader, Mauk Maruk.

“Conditions (politics) is very normal at all,” Agio tell Aktual, on Monday (8/10).

Previously, Maruk and three others have been killed after shootout with police and army of East Timor.

He also denied about the unilateral annunciation of instability after the death of Mauk Maruk about the political situation there.

Mauk Moruk known is former veterans of East Timor who’ve defected to the Indonesian government in the guerrilla struggle who led by Xanana Gusmao. But after independence, in the last few years, Mauk Moruk returned to East Timor from Netherlands and doing negative campaign non-cooperative.

Mauk Maruk group are often invited and encouraged dialogue by the government, but they are always avoided. Even last few years, he was in jailed due to the criminal acts that are destabilizing the security of East Timor.

With the death of Mauk Moruk, practicaly security situation in East Timor is more conducive now. The government is expected to be more serious for attention to the development and prosperity of the East Timor’s people.