Jakarta, Aktual.com – Federation of Trade Unions (FSP) State Own-Enterprise (BUMN) United (Bersatu) said tax amnesty policy planned by the government of Jokowi-JK will bring the impact of increased defiance of the behavior of taxpayers who have been dutifully paying taxes.

Chairman of FSP BUMN Bersatu Arief Poyuono, explained, the policy concerning the tax amnesty, it will directly provide tax amnesty for taxes defiance, smuggling, criminals of BLBI, bookies dark, drug dealers, mafia property and the Corruptor are categorized as criminals National Economy,

With such case will cultivate a sense of disappointment and defiance for taxpayers who have been submissive, such an attitude because they feel its not fair and enforced unfairly by the government.

“criminals national economy as a recipient of tax amnesty, then freed from all penalties, interest and the threat of criminal penalties and pay only 1.5 percent of the principal tax debt creates a sense of injustice for the nearly 10 million taxpayers who dutifully pay,” said Arief, Friday (13/5)

Furthermore, according to him the candidate receiving the tax amnesty that has done damage to the economy is very massive with all acts of run activities underground of economy as, illegal logging, illegal fishing, corruption and also destroy the social life by distributing drugs and gambling illegal as well as smuggling alcohol.

As for the foundation of national development, always rely on Labor, Farmers, Fishermen in the small business sector who dutifully pay taxes. Therefore FSP BUMN Bersatu found only normal when Workers, Farmers, fishermen and people who have been dutifully paying taxes will refuse to pay the tax if Tax Amnesty imposed by Jokowi.

“It is very clear persevere political parties and the government to pass the Law on Tax Amnesty in-full backups by the criminal economy, of course is not free, suspected criminals National Economy has issued a security expenses by hundreds of billions, which is operated by unscrupulous members of the House of Representatives of political party supporters Tax Amnesty Law with initial MB, MA and AK. All allegations of corruption are the names of members of Parliament had we submit to the Commission, so be ready for it,” he concluded.