Jakarta, Aktual.com – Chairman of the House of Representatives Reni of PPP Fraction Marlinawati admitted concern with the condition of the teaching profession who lost the dignity as a role model in the school.

It was responding to the beating action guardians of students to teachers of SMK 2 Makassar, South Sulawesi, some time ago.

“We expressed the concern over violent incidents that befell Mr. Dasrul teacher at SMK 2 Makassar,” said Reni in a written statement received aktual.com, in Jakarta, Friday (12/8).

“Teaching, later to become the target object, either physical violence or attempt to criminalize through legal channels. This condition is not a good precedent. Teachers are supposed to set an example and become a role model does not have dignity,” he added.

It is said Reni, himself a lot of complaints from teachers on the phenomenon of criminalization and physical violence that befell them.

Thus, the action of the teacher criminalization and violence can not be considered trivial. Because, to give effect to the quality of teaching and learning activities (KBM).

“In addition, too, of the event will be inconvenient and time-consuming for the teachers was involved in the action as a form of solidarity with fellow teachers who are victims,” said committee member Parliament in the field of education was.

Therefore, the PPP faction asked the government to take concrete steps to end the criminalization of practices and acts of violence against teachers.

“I urge the Education Minister, the National Police, the Attorney General, KPAI, professional organization of teachers and other stakeholders in order to meet to the perception and views on this issue,” he asserted.