Cirebon, – Sultan Sepuh XIV Keraton Kasepuhan Cirebon, West Java, Arief Natadiningrat ask the public to keep watch over their families do not to join a motorcycle gang, which is troubling and casualties now.

“Police also must have been watching motorcycle gang, so it should be the parents who have children watch the association not to be one of the motorcycle gang,” said Sultan in Cirebon, Sunday (4/9).

They also often received information from several communities both in and outside the Cirebon, even from abroad often ask that addressed motorcycle gang.

Motorcycle gangs who continue to roam, make the outside city people who want to stop Cirebon afraid with the terror of extremely violent motorcycle gang.

Sultan wished to all , both the Government and others, the especially family should supervise their children.

“I have also received information from some citizens Cirebon living abroad about the motorcycle gang and they asked for a motorcycle gang could be handled,” he said.

He adds an intelligence Agency in the police and military and others continue to be strengthened and intensified so that cases of motorcycle gangs are not a threat in Cirebon.

According to him, the intelligence strengthening can eradicate the motorcycle gang, why terrorists can be addressed but not motorcycle gang.

“Intelligence should be sharpened and strengthened, terrorists quickly detected by their intelligence, It easy to motorcycle gang,” said Sultan.(Musdi Anto)

(Andy AbdulHamid)