Menko Darmin: Rupiah Menguat Karena Upaya Spekulasi Berhenti
Petugas menghitung uang dolar AS di Kantor Cabang BNI Melawai, Jakarta, Selasa (15/9). Nilai tukar rupiah terpuruk terhadap dolar Amerika Serikat (AS) menjelang Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), Selasa (15/9) menyentuh level Rp 14.408 per dolar AS atau melemah 0,52 persen dibandingkan hari sebelumnya Rp 14.333 per dolar AS. ANTARA FOTO/Yudhi Mahatma/ama/15

Jakarta, — The rate of the rupiah against the US dollar (USD) in today’s trading, it will still continue weakly. This condition is triggered by a weakening gold and oil prices worldwide have made Asian currencies, especially emerging market defenseless against the greenback or USD.

“Apparently, the situation illustrated in the yen, yuan and rupiah yesterday moved varied tend to weaken. And may still be happening today,” said an analyst at PT NH Korindo Securities Indonesia, Reza Priyambada, in the analysis of daily, Friday (2/9).

Moreover, sentiment in the country is not able to help the rupiah rate. The issue of tax amnesty, the release of deflation, and other financial data was positive direction market participants. “Positive sentiment is still lack in the country makes rupiah rate has not changed much,” he said.

So, according to him, the release of the data rate of the Consumer Price Index (IHJ) Indonesia in August deflation of 0.02% (MoM), or 2.79% Inflation (YoY) remained below the consensus expectation of 3.02%. So that market participants are likely to sell.

Plus, adanta Indonesia in August manufacturing data previously 50.4 to 48.4, still failed to maintain the rate of the rupiah after the market makers on the path to profit-taking. “Plus, they are also selling off the post weakening world oil prices of about 3%, so that drove world oil movement in the level of $ 44.8 / barrel,” he explained.

Under these conditions, the rate of the rupiah is now back to test the support level and there is still a tendency for a depressed. “Support rupiah will exist in the range 13 287 and resistence level is in the range of 13 245. Pay attention to the sentiment that exists,” he said.

Previously, it was in yesterday’s trading was capable of projecting the rate rupiah strengthened 0:21% to 13 242. The reinforcement was originally due to profit-taking by traders ahead of the announcement of US employment data are likely to choose to be conservative.

“But turns out the rupiah appreciation did not happen. It still weakened by the end of trade. So, look sentiment that exists,” said Reza.