The most important part of an essay is thesis statement as it informs the reader about the main idea or argument that the essay will explore. For beginners, we prepared some tips to help write a great thesis statement.

So before writing a thesis statement, you should to understand the assignment and the specific requirements of the essay. This can help ensure that the thesis statement is relevant to your topic and meets the expectations of the assignment.

Try to brainstorm to generate ideas for the thesis statement. This can be done by jotting down ideas related to the topic and then identifying the main idea or argument that the essay will explore.

Be Specific. This part of essay should be specific and focused. It should clearly convey the main idea or argument that the essay will explore. Avoid using vague or general language that may confuse the reader.

Remember there should be room for disagreement about the topic. A thesis statement that is too obvious or agrees with common knowledge is not likely to engage the reader or generate interest.

But also keep it concise and to the point. It should not be too long or include unnecessary details. A great rule of thumb is to keep the thesis statement to one or two sentences.

After writing the initial thesis statement, it is important to revise it. This can be done in such ways: reading it aloud, checking for clarity, and making sure that it meets the requirements of the assignment.

After all, getting feedback from pro writers can be helpful in improving your thesis. This can be done by sharing the thesis statement with a teacher, writers for hire at, tutor, or peer and asking for their input and suggestions for improvement.

With a strong thesis statement, the rest of your essay can be developed and written with clarity and purpose, that will surprise your professor.

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