Jakarta, Aktual.com — Japanese goverment persuading President Jokowi again to get project of infrastructure, one of them is project of high speed train.

Counsellor of Japanese Prime Minister, Izumi Hiroto and some of Japanese delegation met Jokowi on Wednesday (8/26). This is their second meeting since last July.

Hiroto said ” Well, as you know, we are competing with China for this project.”

On that meeting, Hiroto also brought a letter from Japanese Prime Minister about the meeting plan with Jokowi.

Hiroto said, there was three things of the issues discussed in meeting. First is about cooperating in fields of maritime, include cooperating of promotion and maritime forum for developing eastern part of Indonesia.

The second thing is about fixing unstable of global rate by increasing trade relation between the countries. And third, about project of HST which Japan must competing with China.

“I told to President that Japan would helping because Indonesia want to having their own high speed train which managed by themselves,” Hiroto said.

Japan know that Indonesia evaluating proposal from China and Japan now by independent consultant for decide the winner of project.

“President reveals that they doing the assessments by independent consultants and the assessment team will report to the president . And Mr president will decide later after received reports from assessment team,” Hiroto said.