vanila (ist)

Jakarta, – vanilla commodity prices in North Sulawesi (Sulut) penetrate Rp3.7 million per kilogram in October 2016 because the stock in that area had been exhausted and only get stock from outside the area.

“The price Rp 3.7 million per Kilogra has been moving up since the last six months,” says Exporting vanilla Bitung city, Allo Duman in Bitung , Monday (10/10).

He said they get the stock from Papua with a quality number two. Recently, he bought from the farmers as much as 1.8 tons of North Sulawesi, at a price of Rp 3.7 million per kilogram.

Allo recognize the best quality vanilla commodities comes from North Sulawesi, but because in the era of the 2000s, the price dropped to Rp5,000 / kg resulted in farmers do not cultivate vanilla plants.

Stock 1.8 tons of it too, said Allo has been stored since 2003, but was recently sold at that price, whereas previously tried to buy at a price of Rp2 million / kg, in early July 2016.

“As commodity exporters, we continue to look for Papua vanilla for export, but in an area that too scarce,” he said.

He added that commodity prices will be lower if Madagaskar are harvesting, because at this time the country became a determinant of the price of vanilla at the international level.

Even then, he said, after North Sulawesi vanilla farmers do not cultivate them within the last 10 years.