Komjen Pol Budi Gunawan. (ilustrasi/aktual.com)
Komjen Pol Budi Gunawan. (ilustrasi/aktual.com)

Jakarta, Aktual.com – Executive director of the Working Committee of the Institute of Proclamation Arief Rachman rate, Budi Gunawan appointment as Head of the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) shown the President Joko Widodo need to strengthen the government’s political position. Especially in internal security.

“Budi Gunawan personality is a person skilled in strategic planning, particularly in the security,” said Arief in Jakarta, Monday (5/9).

The urgent need now is facing the emergence of social violence symptoms, criminality, radicalism and global terrorism. So, it requires a strategic cooperation among institutions nationality handling and security .

“The emergence of the violence symptom in society become the focus of concern security forces,” he said.

He said the potential for horizontal conflict and the phenomenon of social anarchism need of a specific strategy in handling the problem.

“The figure of Budi Gunawan are experienced and appropriate for this situation,” he said.

Moreover, Budi Gunawan also a senior figure within the Polri environment today. His Influence and prowess as a police general make a fitting figure shake the BIN chief.

According to Arief, President Jokowi not only needs a reliable person but also loyal. Politically, there is need to maintain the stability and security of the country also the success of the government until 2019 later.

“Therefore, we as a civil society concerned with strategic issues will oversee the leadership of General Budi Gunawan until the end of his term,” he concluded.(Musdi Anto)

(Andy Abdul Hamid)