Jakarta, Aktual.com – Development of a fast train projects are integrated with PT Perkebunan Nusantara VII (PTPN VII) as a game President Jokowi to provide a ‘bridge’ to a number of property developers in land tenure in Walini (PTPN VII) covering an area of ​​3,000 hectares.

People’s Democratic Party (PRD) indicated a number of property development follows Agung Podomoro, Sinarmas, Lippo and Disneyland are involved in setting the scheme.

“In any infrastructure development projects using funds from foreign debt and involve the private sector, laden with the interests of investors, as well as going on a fast train projects Jakarta-Bandung,” said PRD activist, Kamal Alif to Aktual.com Wednesday (24/2).

He observed that the President Jokowi had mistaken orientation in building infrastructure, construction of fast train is an act of state assets mortgaged.

“As happened in the fast train projects are mortgaging our country’s assets, infrastructure development orientation conducted by Jokowi is simply to shore up foreign capital,” he said.

He said the government should take the transportation infrastructure development related to national industry, it is in order to minimize the cost of logistics circulation to stimulate economic growth.

The above statement is in line with the statement of the Chairman of Commission VI of the House of Representatives, Achmad Hafisz Tohir; the government should encourage the growth of social economy. The development of the fast train, it will only further encourage the level of the gap is widening.

“The property will be sold when the economic growth we ride, now how to sell the property if our economy stagnates, so consumer spending should be raised by increasing consumption and purchasing power,” he said in Jakarta, Monday (22/2).

Further Tohir said that the government should have the mind to think of the little people, little people provide the infrastructure by building a way village so that access to the distribution of goods to be smooth and efficient, so will awaken people’s economy is getting stronger.

“If our economy does not rise, who will use the fast train? Sold 200 thousand just little people are still thinking. The government should fulfill its promise how many thousand points of development, fast trains are not included in the government’s promise, it is not in accordance with nawacita, especially to deviate from RPJM of Jokowi’s concept,” he concluded.