Kupang, Aktual.com – Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Susi Pujiastuti prohibits foreign companies operating in the form of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to do fishing in Indonesian waters.

She told the statement because related to the Asean Economic Community (AEC) which is already in force in Indonesia. He said, although MEA has spread to all areas, but for part of marine and fisheries are not doors to foreign parties.

“If it’s about fishing catching let just give us. Let our fishermen,” said he, in Tenau, Kupang, Sunday (12/6).

Although impressed as gallant, but Minister Susi’s statements did not stop there. Because she still allowing foreign invested investment in the field of fisheries.” But only to the extent the management,” he said.

Management question is like setting up an ice factory, fish processing, as well as a number of management related to the Maritime Affairs and Fisheries.

Not only that, Susi also said it actually made it easier for foreigners to jump 100 percent in the sector.

So far, the government has set of fisheries included in the negative list of investment, so in the near future will be traced the source of the money used by investors. “For sure we’ll check. Because investment is seen already gray. We will check the source of the money from,” he said.

All that, he said, is done in order to maintain the resources in the sea for the future. Therefore he also urged fishermen to keep the sea with donot catching fish using bombs, potassium and trawling.

Until now, he added marine and fisheries sector had a positive impact for the fisheries sector GDP.

“For KP sector in the second quarter 2016 reached 8.96 percent at the fisheries ministry when others only reached 5.4 percent. Therefore I expect fishermen to jointly cooperate with relevant parties keep our oceans from illegal fishing,” he added.