Surabaya, – Price of chilli soared in Surabaya, East Java. As in the Pabean Market, small chilli usually priced Rp20 thousand / kg, has been the last five days soaring more than doubled to Rp50 thousand per kg.

“If the chili was very expensive now, rising more than twice the price. So sometimes I just plastic wrap. One plastic contents 10 seeds I sell Rp 2 thausand,” said Siti, a spice seller peracangan, when met, in Surabaya on Monday (14/3).

The price increase also occurred in onion. The price reached Rp 40 thousand per kg from the previous Rp 15 thousand. Had crawled so Rp38 thousand to Rp40 thousand before. As for garlic also, though not as high as onion. From the previous Rp28 thousand / kg become Rp32 thousand.

According to Siti, rising prices of onions and peppers due to lack of supply from farmers. “Shipping it slightly. It was said that many who do not harvest due to rains continued flooding. It makes a lot of damage. Bojonegoro Probolinggo it’s the same place onion farmer. Sent from there that is not a lot.” Said Siti.

While the prices of vegetables and fruits such as tomatoes, potatoes and carrots until now there is still no price increase. Despite there is the bump of price, recognized Siti, figures purchases are less affected. “We still buy right for seasoning. Just buy them so as needed.”

(Ahmad H. Budiawan)