Jakarta, Aktual.com – PDI-P politician Charles Honoris assess news unexpected deaths led terrorist groups in Poso, Santoso, became achievement of Tito Karnavian.

“The new police chief Tito Karnavian beginning to carve his proud achievement. Leaders of terrorist groups which have been the fugitive Santoso allegedly had been paralyzed and was shot dead at the hands of the Task Force which is a combination Tinombala military-police personnel,” Charles said in a statement, in Jakarta, Tuesday (19/7).

According to him, the death Santoso as a form of repayment promise Tito Karnavian while serving as Chief BNPT before, and realized when he served as the Police chief.

“It must be recognized that this successful operation carried out for slick coordination between the military, police and BNPT. Therefore, since January 2016 and until now, there Tinombala operation that was held has made the group Santoso increasingly weak and desperate and could be paralyzed,” said a member of Commission I.
“By shooting Santoso will certainly make this terrorist network were scattered and in disarray. This will make it easier for security forces to suppress completely the remnants of this terrorist group,” he added.