Jakarta, Aktual.com – fast train project Jakarta-Bandung promoted by the government have resulted in many enterprise developers who began to develop property projects around the rapid transit rail line. Developer including a subsidiary of state-owned company, PT PP Property Tbk (PPRO) which is a subsidiary of PT PP (Persero) Tbk.

According to the PPRO, the company already owns land around the station on the fast train project. In fact, reportedly, PPRO been eligible for loans from Chinese banks, ICBC is one of China’s state-owned bank.

“We’ve got a loan from ICBC, China’s fourth-largest state-owned banks that have committed to disburse 400 billion credit to us to serve the Chinese workers,” said Finance Director PPTO, Indaryanto, in Jakarta, Wednesday (1/6).

According Indaryanto, new loan commitments that have not been disbursed. Later, the funds will be used as funds to build two hotels in Jakarta and Bandung.

“We already have land near Halim Perdanakusuma (station plan in kercep in Jakarta) and close Gedebage (kercep station plan in Bandung),” he explained. He added that the loan facility from ICBC was not for another project, but only for projects in Halim and Gedebage it.

“That will certainly also from the Chinese contractor, supplier from China, workers are also from China. That is what we have prepared, “he explained. Moreover, he said, the estimated financing to build the hotel that the company budgeted Rp 150 billion per hotel.

Indaryanto also added, after a fast train project was officially initiated by the government, is the main attraction for developers, including PPRO.

“So many developers who bought land in Karawang, Walini, and Bandung itself. We are quite wake up in the area and Gedebage N Halim,” he added.