Topan adds that the revitalization is expected to boost the economic potential of the ecotourism village, provide residents with a new source of income, and turn the Kampung Kali Code 1001 Jetisharjo into an attractive, Instragrammable, iconic cultural destination.

Similarly, Totok says, “We hope the use of White-Blue combination as the iconic color of Kampung Kali Code 1001 Jetisharjo, could attract many tourists to visit. Moreover, the two colors could bring new energy to the locals.”

Yogyakarta Tourism Service head Wahyu Hendratmoko states that Yogyakarta boasts a variety of tourist attractions, whether cultural, historical, educational, culinary or even shopping, which can also be found in tourist villages.

“Cokrodiningratan is one of the tourist villages with a development centered around Code River. With Nippon Paint’s welcome support through its paint donations, the residents could beautify the area and make it more appealing. We hope that if attractive tourist villages continue to emerge, they could serve as alternative destinations that will lengthen tourists’ stay in Yogyakarta,” says Wahyu.

Wahyu further expresses hope for Nippon Paint to support more villages. They include Kampung Kotabaru and Jogoyudan, also around Code River. The support will boost the Kotabaru tourism area (Suroto-Sudirman) and reduce the congestion in Malioboro.

(Zaenal Arifin)